Toluca Lake has a unique charm—quaint boutiques, fine dining and exclusive homes—settled amongst a picturesque backdrop of nature. Now, Toluca Lake will be hosting an altogether new vibe.

It is called Chabad. No, it is not a bistro, a “fashion- have” or the latest show. You don’t even have to know anyone to be there. It is a Jewish center aimed at reaching out to Jews—no matter their background, affiliation or non- affiliation.

Rabbi Moishe Carlebach (originally from Johannesburg, South Africa) together with his wife Michal (Long Beach, California) are a young couple with a vision. “We want to give everyone an opportunity to experience the beauty and warmth of Judaism in a non judgmental and unconditional way” says Rabbi Moishe, Director of the Chabad House. “It is during these tough economic times that people are searching for something meaningful and spiritual, that’s why we are here.”

Rabbi Carlebach comes from a well-known rabbinical family. He received his degree in South Africa, and has a vast history of outreach experience ranging from Russia to Australia. A big part of his experience derives from growing up in a family that led a large Jewish community in South Africa. Michal, co-director, completed her education degree in Israel. They have four beautiful children, thank G‑d.  

Whether it is a Shabbat meal, class about Judaism or holiday celebration, Chabad welcomes Jews of all walks of life—no strings attached. We are a home for every Jew.
Rabbi Moishe Carlebach and his wife Michal together with their family 

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