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Expansion & Sefer Torah Campaign
Building a Jewish Future in Toluca Lake

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Goal:  $60,000

                Chabad of Toluca Lake                  

  A place where people that come will feel welcomed, and when they leave they’ll feel missed. As well as for people to grow in their spirituality and their lives. It is called Chabad. It is a Jewish center aimed at reaching out to Jews—no matter their background, affiliation or non- affiliation. Whether it is a Shabbat meal, class about Judaism or holiday celebration, Chabad welcomes Jews of all walks of life—no strings attached. We are a home for every Jew.. Help us create a Jewish future and place for our community.

    Glubokie Torah Dedication

    Since the inception of our community, we were bereft of our own Torah. Fortunately, we have recently been bestowed with a new Torah awaiting to be completed and has been dedicated in honor of the Glubokie Jewish Community.

    Where is Glubokie?  Glubokie is a town situated in Belarus in which the majority of the Jewish Community were perished by the barbaric hands of Nazi Germany y"sh. This Torah will be dedicated in their memory and will stand as testimony to the eternal flame of Judaism.  We are honored and privileged to be able to house this precious Torah in Toluca Lake.  Please help us continue to keep the Jewish spark alive and contribute towards a bright Jewish future here in Toluca Lake. 

    The Torah is the most precious article in Jewish life. Our sages have taught us that each and every Jew has a letter in the Torah corresponding to his or her soul and spiritual identity. The very last mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Torah Scroll. By dedicating a letter, word, verse, weekly portion or one of the Five Books for yourself or your family and friends, it is as if you have written your very own Torah Scroll. It is a great honor and a great mitzvah to participate in the writing of a Sefer Torah. We invite you to join us in writing history!

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Children's Playground in honor of Chris Burnett and the Carlebach Family
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