Jewish Holiday We use various artistic mediums to learn about each holiday—whether art, craft, song or activity.  Before each activity, your child will learn the meaning behind the holiday, its background, and practical application to today's day. We also learn about other topics such as Shabbat, the main stories of the Torah, as well as the love of Israel our Homeland.

Jewish values are infused throughout each lesson.  We stress the importance of deriving valuabe life lessons from each holiday and Jewish culture.  It's not enough to just learn about it - children are encouraged to and will be recognized for applying these values on a day to day basis in their own lives.


Hebrew Reading - there is no greater gift a parent can give a parent can give a child than the gift of language; learning to express themselves in a new way - especially using the Hebrew language.  This begins with the first steps of reading Hebrew fluently. Why not do this in a fun hands on way using songs, games, and proven techniques that will enable your child to read in the short time of 16 hours!  Parents - get ready to watch your children learn to read Hebrew at our new Hebrew School of the Arts.


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