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Chabad of Toluca Lake is proud to present you with an exceptional promotional opportunity - a unique means of directly targeting the local Jewish audience while also contributing to the preservation of Jewish culture and customs among the members of our community.

By advertising in the upcoming Chabad of Toluca Lake Jewish Art Calendar, you can accomplish all of the above. Unlike ads in the local newspaper which have a very short life-span, the colorful and informative Jewish Art Calendar will be viewed by potential customers the whole year round, thus providing maximum return for your dollar. The Calendar is full of exciting holiday information, educational messages, Shabbat candle-lighting times, and an array of beautiful thematic Jewish artwork. It is displayed in homes and offices throughout the local Jewish community; insuring optimum visibility for your product or service. Additionally, by advertising with us, you are taking an active role in advancing Judaism in the East Valley area, which in turn is bound to elicit a positive response from members of the local community (and of course form above).

We will be printing over 3000 copies of the calendar, which will be mailed directly to homes across the Region as well as to be distributed to local businesses.

Don’t own a business in the area?

You have the unique opportunity to personalize this calendar with your ad or special date.

Above each months page will be an eye catching space to advertise your business as well as to send a greeting to the community.

Consider sponsoring a personalized “Shana Tova” wish or a tribute in honor of a special occasion. You may also dedicate specific dates on our calendar in honor of a birthday, Bar-Mitzvah, or Yartzeit. This can also be used as a tool to help you remember those special occasions on the Hebrew/secular dates. As this is part of our fundraising projects, your New Year greeting or advertisement is very helpful to our growth and continued ability to serve the community.

Donations are tax-deductible.

Please click here to fill out the online form no later than Friday July 28, 2019. Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated. If you'd prefer to mail or fax this form, please click here to download & print the form


Rabbi Moishe Carlebach
Co- Director

Have questions still? No worries, call 818 308 4118 or email me @ [email protected]